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The word triptych comes from Greek and means ‘threefold’. In the world of art, triptychs are known as a popular, standard format for altar paintings in early Christian art. They are foldable images of religious themes and could be used as portable altars. The painter Hieronymus Bosch is one of the most famous artists who used the format in detailed paintings such as The Garden of Earthly Delights. Another painter who used this format is the English artist Francis Bacon.

For my triptych, I have worked with acrylic on a canvas that measures 20 x 20 cm. Like my grid paintings, I started these pieces at a time when I was very interested in the work of the American artist Mark BradfordThe three paintings are sold together.

Acrylic painting in white, yellow and grey, the majority of the surface washed down on the website A Better Version


Each painting, acrylic and marker pen on canvas,
20 x 20 x 1,8 cm.

Unique, 7.000 DKK / 940 Euro

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When you buy from the web shop, it is much like it used to be when the internet was first emerging and it was quite normal to exchange a number of emails about payment and delivery.  But it is easy. 🙂 You start by sending me a mail, and I will write you back with precise information on how to proceed.  

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I don’t keep work in stock, all artworks have either to be printed or painted on a canvas. So naturally, some time will pass from the time you order till you receive your artwork. When it is ready, I send you an email and tell you when you may expect to receive the artwork. Please check Terms & Conditions and the Cookie & Privacy Policy for doing business with the web shop.

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