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In my online art shop, I sell quality prints, pencil drawings and paintings that are easy to send by mail. I also offer them at a fair price that makes quality artwork available to a large audience. The prints are produced on beautiful art paper and always in sizes that fit standard frames. The drawings and paintings that I sell here are copies that I draw and paint after my original artwork. I use the same materials that were used for the originals but the finished result will always be a new version of the artwork with its own special details.

Two paintings that go really well together, Grid #3 og Flower #3.
Grid #3

Historically, painters worked in much the same way and an artist’s workshop often produced copies of the master’s originals. One of the famous examples includes European royalty when a prince or princess was ready for marriage. The young person sat for a portrait with the court painter and the painting was then copied several times over and sent to potential spouses.

The three small paintings from the series Triptych make any wall attractive.
Triptych #3

Before you became an artist by working as an apprentice from a young age. Small boys started their careers by running errands for the master and his family and, if they eventually became skilful enough in copying the master’s style, they were allowed to make copies of his originals.

Producing artwork – no matter if it was intended for members of a wealthy bourgeoisie, the church or the nobility – was a business that didn’t command much respect from society as such. The rock star status of artists is something that emerged much later.

Prints from the series Arcangelo, Mark-making and Line drawings.
Arcangelo #1.
Only from the series Mark-making.

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