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When you buy from, it is much like it used to be when the internet was first emerging and it was quite normal to exchange a number of emails about payment and delivery.  But it is easy, you start by sending me a mail. 🙂 All artworks have either to be printed by a print shop or painted on a canvas. So naturally, some time will pass from the time you order till you receive your artwork. 

1. Ordering

  • You find an artwork you would like to purchase and send me an email including information like the name and number of the artwork in question.
  • I calculate relevant costs and send you an email about price, delivery and timing as well as information about Terms and Conditions when you do business with
  • You are not bound by the contract until I receive your payment that also confirms your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as well as the Cookie and Privacy Policy.
  • I proceed to buy materials and start the work.

When you order, please note that I don’t keep artworks in stock.

Prints will be the same as those that are displayed in the web shop, but the drawings and paintings that I sell are copies that I draw and paint after my own original artwork.

I use the same materials that were used in the originals but the finished result will always be a new version of the artwork with its own particular details.

2. Payment

  • You can pay with:
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer

The mail that I send you will include the following text:

“In this mail I inform you about the price for the artwork you want to acquire as well as delivery and other costs regarding your purchase. When you transfer payment, you also accept the Terms & Conditions and the Cookie & Privacy policy, which you can read in full on You confirm your acceptance by transferring payment by one of the available methods of payment.”

All prices are listed in Danish krones – DKK – and Euro. I don’t have an automatic currency converter on my page but, if you would like to check the price in another currency, please go to an online converter like this one – – that will give you an idea of what a price translates into in your currency.

Please note, that when you transfer from one currency to another, the banks and other money processing providers will most likely charge you fees to do the job.

3. Delivery

You have the right to return your order within 14 days when you order from a Danish web shop.

Like all other web shops, I have policies and terms & conditions for online sales processed through, as well as a Cookie & Privacy policy.

Both of them follow general guidelines for the subject matter. I recommend that you read them in full here: Terms and Conditions and Cookie and Privacy Policy.

I use PostNord and GLS for shipping and delivery and send the artwork either as a parcel with Track & Trace or as a registered letter. Costs for delivery outside of Denmark starts at 120 DKK but costs may vary and are added to each order.

If for some reason you decide that you would like to return the artwork please don’t break the plastic packaging that I use to protect the surface of the artwork from damage. Check Terms & Conditions for return instructions and contact me via email for instructions on how to return the work.

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